Hands and Feet

Hands and Feet Treatment Menu

Manicure and Handcare

The classic pampering treat! Cuticle care and nail shaping followed by:

Gelish Gel Polish – £38

Includes FREE soak off to ensure your nails are properly cared for. Let us take care of the removal for you!

Traditional lacquer – £33

Broken or split nail repair – £5 per nail

Foils, Chromes, Nail Art and Glitter – from 50p per nail

In addition to Gelish nail pricing (not available with traditional lacquer)

Nail Rehab Course – £96 (four treatments)

Ideal for nail biters wishing to break the habit, or for very damaged or weak nails. Includes intensive vitamin-enhanced recovery treatment, cuticle care and nail shaping, and aftercare information with FREE Gelish gel polish application after your last treatment.

IBX Repair System – £10 per treatment

Brand new technology, repairing the bonds of damaged nails from within, providing permanent good health and structure.  Especially suitable for flaking and peeling nails, psoriasis and chemotherapy damage, or to build the nails up before medical treatment.

Warm Oil and Salt Manicure – £40 (60 minutes)

Pedicure and Footcare

We are the first salon in the UK to achieve our Meticulous Manicurist qualification for pedicures. A very thorough and nurturing method of treatment, more akin to chiropody, but without the use of a blade, and highly nurturing. Suitable for people of all ages.

Gelish Pedicure – £46 (60 minutes)

Includes cuticle care, toenail clipping and filing, foot and leg massage and Gelish gel polish application.

Traditional Polish Pedicure – £43 (50 minutes)

Includes cuticle care, toenail clipping and filing, foot and leg massage and traditional polish application (please bring your flip-flops)

Callus Removal and mini-pedi – £40 (50 minutes)

Includes application of callus remover, filing and moisturising, trimming the nails and application of traditional polish (please bring your flip-flops)

Toenail Trimming – £20 (15 minutes)

Includes toenail clipping and filing only.

Specialised Pedicure (Foot Care)- £53

Includes foot soak, scrub, callus removal, cuticle care, foot and leg massage, toenail clipping and aesthetic contouring, fungal nail infections, impacted skin removal and non-surgical care of ingrown toenails. Ideal for those unable to reach their feet or requiring extra care (minimum three visits, depending on the client’s needs)

Cleopatra Foot Infusion Ritual – £62 (75 minutes)

Our most luxurious treatment yet! Using natural botanicals, flowers and fruits, combines Himalayan pink salt and essential oils, tea ceremony and massage to stimulate all your senses, followed by our specialised pedicure and application of gel polish or traditional lacquer.

Footlogix Pedicure – £60 (60 minutes)

Releaf Platinum Pedicure – £70 (60 minutes)