Little Treats and Add-Ons

All of these treatments are available as treatments in their own right, or to add to your existing treatment. Call us to book on 01823 428156 or book online.

Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage – (20 minutes) – £25

Foot Ritual (15 minutes) – £25

Nail Shape and Paint – £20

Cohazee Facial Icy Globes – £30

Hand and Arm Massage – £15

Rest and Relaxation (30 minutes) – £25
For when you just need to get away from it all, available as a standalone treatment or after your massage.  Our state of the art noise cancelling headphones are pre-loaded with a very special guided meditation allowing you to luxuriate in your post-massage muscles, or simply to bring you into your body during stressful times.  With a lavender-scented eyemask, weighted blanket and heated pad in colder weather, and we will even bring you a drink afterwards! A totally unique experience.