What happens during a massage?

We will start by inviting you to fill in a consultation form, which includes your contact details, questions about your lifestyle and whether you have any injuries or illnesses.  Don’t worry; this is kept completely confidential. You will then be invited into the treatment room by your therapist, who will explain the form that the treatment will take, and they will then invite you to remove relevant clothing and lie on the couch underneath a sheet or blanket. They will leave the room during this period, and always knock on the door before coming back in. During the treatment, only the part of the body that the therapist works on will be exposed, so your dignity is preserved at all times. After the treatment is over, you will be invited to rest for a while before getting up from the couch, dressing and coming out of the treatment room.  You will be offered a drink of water and the chance to relax before leaving us.

I suffer from anxiety.  Would a treatment be suitable for me?

Absolutely!  When you book, do please let us know if you are living with anxiety or depression, as there is plenty we can do to help, from meeting you before the treatment and showing you the room, explaining in as much detail as you would like about what will happen, using a chair for massage instead of a couch, to using your favourite essential oil to set your mind at ease.  

Can I leave my underwear on during my massage?

Of course.  At The Sangha House, our main priority is your comfort and safety, and we recognise that you may feel more comfortable keeping clothing on.  We ask that all guests leave their underwear on, both for your comfort and also for hygiene purposes. For our reflexology and pedicure clients, we only ask that you remove your shoes and socks, and reiki guests are invited to remain fully clothed.

I feel the cold.  Will I be warm enough?

Our treatment couches are heated, and we have lots of cosy blankets to make sure you’re nice and warm at all times.

I’m going through the menopause.  What happens if I have a hot flush in the middle of my treatment? 

First of all, don’t worry! At least one of our therapists (actually, our salon manager) is going through the same as you, so she totally gets it!  All our treatment rooms have large, quiet fans; we have beautifully cooling cologne on hand to soak a cotton pad in and place on your forehead, and plenty of clean washcloths that can be dipped into cool water for you.

I have facial hair.  Will I be able to have a facial treatment with you?

We do recommend that those guests with facial hair shave before their treatment, to avoid active product getting trapped in the beard, and also to give you the full value of the treatment.  If you prefer to keep your beard, we can adapt the treatment to include massage of the hirsute area with beard oil, but please note that we cannot use any other products on this area.

How clean are your implements?

All our instruments, bowls and towels are thoroughly cleaned after each use, and our pedicure tools are subject to the most rigorous disinfection procedures.  We use the highest quality materials which can withstand thorough cleaning, so you can be confident that a treatment at the Sangha House will be to the highest possible hygiene standards.

My feet are horrible! Surely you can’t work with me?

This is what we do!  We do recommend that you bathe or shower before your treatment if you can, both for your comfort and that of your therapist.  Otherwise, we have seen it all before (honestly) and if you are concerned about your feet, we have plenty of cotton wool pads and cologne to clean them with. For our footcare clients, the look and even smell of the feet are not a bar to receiving treatment.  Your feet will be soaked in scented water, scrubbed and dried thoroughly with a separate towel for each foot, so this will automatically take care of any issues, and the rest of the treatment is all about caring for the feet and nails to make them look and feel comfortable.  Our footcare specialist is absolutely used to dealing with complex feet, so there is no need for embarrassment.

I am a male.  What happens if I get an involuntary bodily reaction during my treatment? I would be so embarrassed.

First of all, this happens far more frequently than you think, so please do not worry.  Our therapists are all highly trained professionals, and will either continue with the treatment without any comment, whilst retaining your dignity, or if you would prefer, leave the room momentarily. 

I experienced improper behaviour during a treatment in the past; how will you safeguard me?

Firstly, we are so sorry that you had to experience this.  Our therapists are all trained to the very highest standards, and we make sure that only the most ethical and professional individuals treat our guests.  If you would prefer to remain clothed, or to avoid certain areas altogether, please tell your therapist – this information remains completely confidential.  We also never work on the breast or genital area.

What happens if I feel unwell during the treatment?

Please tell your therapist if you have any conditions which may make you feel unwell during your treatment.  If you start to feel faint or light headed, we will help you to sit up slowly, maybe some sips of water, and remain with you until you feel better.

I’ve heard that some people can feel ill after a massage.  What’s that all about?

It’s called a “healing response”, and can occur particularly if you’ve been under some stress recently.  Symptoms include headache, feeling sick, tiredness, feeling emotional, thirst, needing to use the toilet more often, and just a general feeling of “not quite right”. It’s your body’s way of taking on the healing, and should settle itself after 24 – 48 hours or so.  You may also experience muscle soreness, especially after a deep tissue massage, and if this happens to you, an over the counter pain relief medication (preferably ibuprofen, if you can take it) will generally do the trick.

Do you have any age restrictions?

We are an adults-only centre (over 16s only) but there is no maximum age restriction.

What are your opening times?

We are open seven days a week, from 9.30am to 7.30pm on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, 9.30am to 6.30pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9.30am to 5pm on Saturdays and 9.30am to 2pm on Sundays

Do you have parking on-site?

Unfortunately we do not have onsite parking facilities (apart from one space for a Blue Badge holder) – the closest car parks are at The Crescent and Castle Street – both pay and display.

How do I get to you?

We are on Tower Street, right on the junction of Corporation Street, Park Street, Tower Street and The Crescent, in an old stone chapel-like building called Mitre House.  Our postcode is TA1 4BH and we are pinned on Google Maps, so just search for us!

Google Maps – The Sangha House

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Do I have to be a member to use your facilities?

No, we are open to the public.

I’m pregnant.  Can I still come?

We welcome pregnant people to our classes, but we recommend not during your first trimester, and afterwards with the guidance of your doctor or health visitor.  Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Do you have facilities for differently-abled visitors?

Although we are on the first floor of our building, we have a lift to all floors, suitable for wheelchairs, walkers and mobility scooters.  Because we are in a listed building, we are unable to accommodate those visitors who are permanently reliant on a wheelchair because our bathroom facilities are down a small number of stairs.  We have a mental health first aider on site, as well as two first aiders. We have recently received our accreditation for welcoming people of all genders.

Is your centre open for men and women?

Yes – we welcome all genders, and offer classes with male and female practitioners.  Our bathroom facilities are also completely self-contained and de-gendered.

How do I get in contact with you?

Our telephone number is 01823 428156, or our email address is reception@thesanghahouse.co.uk.